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Four All-Too-Easy Mistakes That Lead To Water Damage

Water damage can happen gradually or it can happen in a flash. Either way, there are many simple mistakes people make that lead to water damage. Each of the mistakes listed below can be easily avoided by anyone. Yet, they are still often made just because it is so easy to do so. If water damage of any sort happens to you, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Complete Flood Restoration in San Antonio for help. 

Pouring Grease Down The Sink

This is a mistake that most people make without thinking. It is easy to get caught up while cooking a meal and go into autopilot. When this happens, people sometimes forget what they are doing and pour grease down the sink. Fortunately, making this mistake just one time probably won’t lead to any issues. Repeated times certainly will though. The reason why pouring grease down the sink can lead to water damage is that the grease congeals when it cools down and blocks drainage in the sink. This makes it so the sink can easily overflow. 

Failing To Inspect Musty Odors

A musty odor in your home is certainly unpleasant, but if you are busy you may not want to take the time to find the source of the problem. This usually leads to larger problems because a musty odor is a strong indication that mold is growing somewhere in your home. Mold can grow quite quickly given the right circumstances so it is important that you investigate any musty odors right away so you can find the source of the mold and eradicate it before it spreads. 

Not Landscaping Properly

If the landscaping in your yard is not done with a regard for what is underneath it you may be setting yourself up for disaster. For instance, a tree that is planted over a pipe will eventually grow downward into the pipe until it causes to rupture and flood your yard and possibly your home. Make sure that the initial landscaping for your yard, or any additional landscaping later on, does not have a chance of rupturing any pipes in the future. 

Forgetting To Clean Your Gutters

No one ever wants to clean their gutters. For that reason, this is a commonly overlooked chore that sets you up for water damage. When your gutters become clogged with so much dirt and debris that there isn’t enough room for the water, there is only one place for the water to go. The water goes over the edge and pools around the foundation of your home. This water can quickly seep in through weak spots in your foundation or window wells and cause flooding in your basement. 

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but we hope these tips above will help you avoid making any of these classic water damage blunders. Nonetheless, if your home is ever flooded don’t hesitate to give us a call at Complete Flood Restoration in San Antonio for help. Our restoration experts will be right out to assist you through the entire process and restore your home to its former glory.

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