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Let Us Make Your Tile Floor Look As Good As New Again!

In need of a tile cleaning professional company? Is your tile floor looking dirty and drab? Give the tile and grout cleaning experts at Complete Flood Restoration a call and we’ll make your tiles look the way they did when they were first installed. When you’re looking for a grout cleaning specialist, whether it’s for cleaning the grout in your shower, the tiles in your bathroom, or the tile and grout of your kitchen floors, Complete Flood Restoration has become the local leader for quality tile and grout cleaning services at an affordable price.

We’ll Remove Mildew out of Grout

How frustrating is it to be constantly scrubbing your tiles but they still don’t look as clean as they should? Cleaning grout is one of the most challenging aspects of tile care. Our dedicated specialists at Complete Flood Restoration work tirelessly to clean your tile and grout and restore it to its original appearance. We use commercial-grade grout cleaners that are tough on stains that ordinary cleaners cannot remove. Complete Flood Restoration will remove all soap scum and hard water deposits and work to clean and remove grime so that your tiles and grout spotless! Call the experts at Complete Flood Restoration to get your tile floors sparkling!

Tile & Grout Sealing

After your floor or walls have been professionally cleaned, it is important to have a sealer applied to give your grout the protection it needs. This will prevent any discoloration, staining, and daily dirt and grime from building up on the grout. Grout is porous by nature, so the reduce the number of porous areas there are, a sealer needs to be applied.

Having a sealer applied has many benefits, one of them being that it will reduce future damage and staining from occurring to your grout and makes it more resistant to stains. It will also make it harder for moisture to penetrate in and around the tile surface. In rooms that have high amounts of steam and humidity, your bathroom is a prime example, a lot of moisture can seep into the grout and destroy the tiles. The tiles experts at Complete Flood Restoration will apply a sealer to your grout to prevent any of this damage and to give your grout the protection it needs.

We Offer Color Sealing As Well

It can be frustrating for any homeowner to keep the grout of their tiled floor clean and looking new. This is because grout is porous and allowing moisture and dirt to build up over time causes the grout to become discolored, which then changes the way the floor looks. Having your grout color sealed by a professional company provides not only maximum protection to the grout, but it also provides a uniform look to the grout color, making your floors look brand new!

While clear sealers help the grout resist stains by penetrating to the grout, they must be reapplied regularly to keep up the protection to the grout. Color sealers, on the other hand, will completely waterproof the grout by forming a barrier to the top of the grout which repels water and oil and prevents dirt from penetrating into the grout. Keeping dirt and liquids out of your grout will improve your ability to maintain your floor, as well as to minimize the dirty build-up, keeping your floors looking cleaner for a longer period of time.

Experts in Saltillo Tile Cleaning

One of the most popular types of Mexican Paver tiles is the Saltillo Mexican Paver, and like any other tiled floors, needs to be cleaned and properly sealed. Due to the Saltillo Tile’s porous nature, it is very important to make sure that they are properly cleaned and sealed to protect them and prolong their life, as well as make future cleanup and maintenance a great deal easier. Using a clear shine on your Saltillo Tiles will allow the true beauty of this tile to show through.

Many Saltillo tiled floors are in good condition, they just need a heavy-duty cleaning to remove any surface soils and have more sealer applied to bring back the shine, which is a quick and economical way to restore its beauty back. Periodic cleaning and resurfacing should be performed to prolong the life of the tile. Never steam clean a Saltillo tiled floor, it will cause damage to the soft tile or could also damage a still viable sealer, resulting in the added expense of the floor needing to be stripped and resealed. The tile experts at Complete Flood Restoration have the tools and techniques needed to properly clean and restore your Saltillo tiled floors to be as good as new!

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