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Dealing With Burst Pipes

water damage restoration san antonio, water damage san antonio, water damage cleanup san antonioWhen a pipe bursts inside your home or business, major damage follows. The damage that extends from water inside a property can be minor to major depending on the situation and how quickly the water damage is taken care of. Water damage restoration professionals like Complete Flood Restoration in San Antonio are prepared 24 hours a day to handle water damage from broken or burst pipes. Immediate action will reduce the amount of damage and the costs of restoration.

Why Pipes Burst

Pipes burst for a number of reasons. When the temperatures drop, pipes freeze and crack open. Old pipes that have not been replaced eventually cannot withstand the pressure inside. Some pipes are faulty and burst open without cause. Whatever the reason, the water that comes from the pipes is going to be your biggest concern. Water spreads quickly which means that damage spreads quickly. The faster the water can be contained and removed, the easier the mess will be to clean and repair.

Long-Standing Water

When water is allowed to pool up and sit in an area of your home or business, your property is quickly exposed to more damage and more hazards. Mold is one of the biggest problems that come from water damage. Mold grows quicky. In as little as 24-48 hours, you will be facing a mold problem as well as water damage. Not only will this take longer to remediate, but it is going to cost more.

As water sits, it also spreads. Water saturates materials it touches like flooring, carpets, walls, and more. As water expands, so does the damage. If water can be contained and dried quickly, the restoration process will go by much faster and easier. The equipment used by professional water damage restoration experts helps remove water and dry wet areas fast so that the damage is minimized and contained. Regular fans and store-bought equipment isn’t going to do what professional restoration equipment can.

When it comes to water damage restoration, don’t waste time trying to follow do-it-yourself methods. Most people who try to restore water damage on their own realize that it is a much bigger job than they can handle and eventually contact professionals. You can save time and money by contacting professionals as soon as possible.

Water Damage Restoration In San Antonio

Our team has committed the time and resources to be prepared for any water damage emergency with the right equipment and the necessary training. With Complete Flood Restoration, you can feel confident that your water damage emergency will be treated quickly, effectively and with the highest attention to detail.  

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