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Making A Proper Entrance

water damage restoration san antonio, water damage san antonio, water damage cleanup san antonioYour front door is literally the first impression visitors have of your home. Not only do you want it to be beautiful and inviting, you want it to protect your home and family. Although we have milder winters in San Antonio, sometimes that means that our front doors aren’t as sturdy and cold hardy as they should be. We at Complete Restoration know that poorly built, maintained or installed doors are especially vulnerable to water damage.

How do you recognize a quality door? First, feel the door, and feel how it opens and closes. A quality door will have more heft, it will close more smoothly, and you will see the quality of construction. The corners and moldings will be tight and finished looking. Also pay attention to the warranty; the best doors have a limited lifetime warranty.

When your door shows signs of rotting, fading, or mildew, you need to address it. Often the lower few inches have water damage. If the wooden frame suffers damage, it can rot and weaken. This makes the entrance less secure– exposing your home to more damage (or an opportunistic burglary.)

Upgrade To A Serious Storm Door

Storm doors block drafts in the winter, helping to minimize energy loss. They can also be helpful at keeping pests out and pets in. Many have clip-in tempered glass panels you can remove and replace with insect screen panels for spring and fall.  

But beyond practicality, the new combination screen and storm doors have great curb appeal while protecting the main door from rough weather. Complete Restoration will repair any existing damage and can help you decide if your water damaged front door needs to be repaired or replaced. Following are the key factors to consider before buying a new storm door.

If you know the brand of the current exterior door in your home, check to see if the manufacturer also provides a door kit for storms and screens– especially if you have a sliding or French door. The kit will match the design of the door and will fit properly over the threshold.

Choices And Configurations

The evolution of storm doors began several years ago, when the familiar silverish aluminum  finish gave way to more colors. Now you can choose great-looking, durable doors with solid brass hardware, keyed deadbolt locks, and full-sized glass panels with etched, stained, beveled, or leaded glass, among other offerings.

The major manufacturers also offer design-your-own-door programs, where you can mix and match components. Consumers can pick 1) the frame, 2) the color and then choose the 3) the style of glass and 4) the hardware. You will leave the store with three boxes: door frame, glass, and hardware.  

Water Damage Restoration In San Antonio

If you have water damage anywhere in your San Antonio home, we will have a team on site in an hour. As certified professionals, the staff and field technicians follow guidelines and protocols for restoration services, including state, federal, and IICRC guidelines. Each service technician has been trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). 

Our team has committed the time and resources to be prepared for any water damage emergency with the right equipment and the necessary training. With Complete Restoration, you can feel confident that your water damage emergency will be treated quickly, effectively and with the highest attention to detail.