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Signs Of Water Damage To Your San Antonio Home

water damage cleanup San Antonio, water damage San Antonio, water damage repair San AntonioBecause water damage is one of the most common home disasters, we at Complete Flood Restoration want to be sure that you can recognize the signs of water damage in your home so that the water damage restoration process can begin right away and you can minimize the extent of the damage. Here are the most common signs of water damage that you should be aware of and look for in your home.

Common Signs Of Water Damage

Visible stains, spots, or mold

 Water spots or stains and visible mold are some of the most obvious signs that there is water damage occurring in your home. Stains from water damage often develop if there is a slow consistent leak somewhere and occur in areas that go through a repeated cycle of getting wet, then drying, and then getting wet again – for example, if there is a leak in the ceiling, water spots may only appear when it rains, then they dry and are not as noticeable until the next time it rains again. These discolorations may change in color and size, and at times may appear darker than others. Most water stains are a yellowish-brown color, and typically expand in irregular shapes. If you notice any areas of discoloration, or if there are stains or spots that are getting bigger, you need to have them checked for water damage right away. 

Mold often grows in areas that we cannot see, like inside the walls, but will also grow wherever the water is present. Visible mold is a dead give away that there is water damage because it cannot grow without moisture. Mold can be a variety of colors from green to white to brown and even black. Mold typically takes on a fuzzy appearance, and forms in little clusters that can spread into larger areas. Since mold can cause a number of health risks, especially respiratory symptoms, it is important to get any areas suspicious for mold treated as soon as it is noticed.

Musty odors

Along with visible signs, water damage often leaves behind a pungent smell. The musty odor associated with water damage is usually strongest around the area the damage has occurred, and does not go away on its own. Any new smells or increases in odor are a good sign that there is water damage present. Pay attention to any changes in odors, or if you notice musty odors at certain times, like when the washing machine is running or when it rains, as these could be the areas where water damage is a concern. 

Changes to floors, walls, or ceilings

Structural elements in our homes, like walls, ceilings, and floors, can show signs of water damage. If water is present behind walls, you may start to see bubbling or peeling paint. Cracks in ceilings can be signs of water damage, and warping or bowing of floorboards can indicate water damage. Any changes to the structural components of the home should be noted and addressed to rule out water damage.

Professional Water Damage Restoration In San Antonio

If you find signs of water damage in your San Antonio home, contact Complete Flood Restoration for immediate water damage cleanup and restoration before the problem grows. You can minimize the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs the soonner a professional has the chance to start restoration!

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